17 Adorable Ways to Decorate Above a Baby Crib!

Dress your nursery like a creative pro with these adorable, designer-inspired ideas.

1) Botanical Prints

A nursery design should calm baby and parents alike, and a soft, neutral color palette accented with botanical artwork does just that. Hang framed prints symmetrically above the crib for a look that feels both clean and organic. This is also a great idea for the perpetual houseplant killer — you get the color of nature without the upkeep.

2) Framed Name

Though there are countless ways to display your baby’s name, this one works best to make those precious letters pop. Choose a frame that speaks to your nursery’s design style — while a beveled gold frame looks lovely in this space, your nursery might call for rustic wood or modern simplicity. Here, the name is captured in string art, but handwritten letters and typography work well, too.

3) Moonlit Forest

Let your little one sleep under the stars and the moon. Pair tree-and-star-patterned wallpaper with a moon marquee light for a look that’s both natural and modern. Choose a dark-hued wallpaper to evoke a nighttime feel and a light-hued crib to keep the color scheme balanced.

4) Boho-Style Nursery Complete With Macrame Mobile

Do bohemian babies dream of macramé mobiles? We’d like to think so. If you’re going for a casual, global vibe, a macramé mobile is a must-have. A neutral-hued variety, like this one crafted by The Forest Fern, can be kept and used in future nurseries, no matter the baby’s gender.

5) Pom-Pom Initial

This budget-friendly idea is easy enough for even a first-time DIYer. Buy or make a hollowed initial, and glue colorful pom-poms inside. Choose pom-pom colors based on your nursery’s color scheme — or go all in with a rainbow-hued initial.

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