22 Beautiful Boho Bedroom Decorating Ideas!

6) Flowers in the Bedroom

Every bedroom deserves fresh flowers; why not add their wonderful color and fragrance to your own sleeping space? And check out the fantastic lighting fixture in this colorful bohemian bedroom found on Design Addict Mom. So pretty.

7) Lots of Plants

 Fotosearch / Getty Images

While every bedroom should have at least one or two houseplants – they help purify the air, improve your mood, and add a touch of natural beauty hard to match with manmade décor – a veritable jungle of houseplants isn’t at all uncommon in a bohemian space. Choose easy-to-grow greenery like snake plant, pothos, dracaena and Chinese evergreen, and you’ll liven up your room, even if your thumb isn’t very green.

8) Don’t Forget the Ceiling

 Abode / Getty Images

Textiles, and lots of them, are a hallmark of bohemian décor, and when those textiles are soft and billowing, so much the better. Want to give your bedroom the cozy feel of a whimsical tent? Then tack a stretch of patterned fabric over the ceiling, letting the material billow and drape slightly in the center and at the edges. So pretty and romantic.

9) Make a Cozy Bed

No matter what the decorating scheme, the bed is the star of the bedroom. Because of the emphasis on textiles, a bed piled high with cozy, lavish bedding is a natural for ​a bohemian style. Layer quilts on top of bedspreads, add multiple throw blankets, mix a variety of shams and throw pillows: it’s hard to go too far with this decorating theme.

10) Plenty of Mixed Patterns

If there is any decorating “rule” that’s often broken when it comes to bohemian décor, it’s lots of mixed patterns, especially on the bed. The looks-like-something-Grandma-might-have-crocheted bedspread adds a wonderful blast of vintage fun to this bedroom decorated by The Jungalow, but why stop there? The southwestern area rug, mismatched throw pillows, fabric-draped light fixture, and tapestry instead of headboard all work together to add excitement and personality to this room.

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