22 Beautiful Boho Bedroom Decorating Ideas!

11) Hang Up Some String Lights

 One kindesign

String lights are a boho staple and for good reason. They add a little touch of magic to a space and provide just enough light for romantic encounters if that’s on your agenda for the evening. String them around the headboard, use them to outline your windows, or just loosely drape them from the ceiling, as in the bedroom shown here (but be careful not to let the lights hang low enough to catch around you as you walk.)

12) Shake Up Traditional Style

Bohemian style often takes traditional or vintage furnishings and then gives them a whole new look by adding in blasts of color, pattern and global spice. For example, the chaise lounge couch and turned-post bed in this room designed by Kathryn Ireland are traditional designs, but wow, with a dizzying array of pattern and bright color, they are anything but old-fashioned.

13) Decorate the Walls

 Fernando Bengoechea / Getty Images

Bohemian style equals artistic style, so it’s no surprise that a mishmash of treasured artwork is a favorite way to decorate the walls in this look. Frame your favorite paintings, fabric scraps, photographs, old maps or botanical etchings, a collection of feathers, vintage handkerchiefs: whatever strikes your fancy.

14) Try Ceiling Hangings

If you want a quick and easy way to add boho flair to your bedroom, just try tacking up several lengths of colorful or lacy cloth, as in this bedroom found on Apartment Therapy. Such a pretty and inexpensive way to decorate your space!

15) Boho Grows Up


Bohemian style can be quite grownup and glamorous when it wants to be. This purple, gold, and brown bedroom is full of sensuous textiles: the drapes, the headboard, the bedding, and the throw pillows. There’s just enough pattern here to keep things hopping, but not so much that it’s overwhelming or juvenile. Proof that boho isn’t just a look for college kids or teens; it’s also perfectly at home in a sophisticated master bedroom when done right.

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