22 Beautiful Boho Bedroom Decorating Ideas!

16) Culture Clash

 Fotosearch / Getty Images

Global influence is a big part of the bohemian look so feel free to mix and match your cultures. Here, a wonderfully intricate Indian wooden room divider provides a bit of privacy around a bed adorned with warm Mexican design on the throw blanket and pillow.

17) Antiques in a Boho Bedroom

Who wouldn’t feel like a queen sleeping in an antique bed as fantastic as this one? Feel free to add antiques and vintage pieces to your boho digs, as in this wonderful bedroom from The Decorista.

18) Teen Boy’s Boho Bedroom

While there’s no question teenage girls love boho style, it’s a look that also works very well in a teen boy’s bedroom. There might be less bright color and less floral exuberance, but the basic idea remains the same: a mishmash of well-loved items and a ton of personality.

19) Easy, Breezy Boho

“Bohemian” is sometimes used as a synonym (or perhaps an excuse) for a very cluttered – even messy – look. And while a boho room is typically decorated with plenty of well-loved collectibles, artwork, and furnishings, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Case in point: the room is shown here — it’s from Amber Interior Design – is quite airy and simple (by boho standards) and yet it’s still full of color, pattern, fun vintage flair (that rattan bed!) and a comfortable yet whimsical overall vibe.​

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