22 Beautiful Boho Bedroom Decorating Ideas!

20) Hang a Quilt

 Bohemian Pages

No headboard? No problem! Just tack up a gorgeous quilt or tapestry, as in this bedroom found on Bohemian Pages. And it’s so easy to switch if you get tired of the pattern, or find something you like better.

21) Boho Child’s Bedroom

Cute, colorful, full of fun and personality: boho style is perfect for a child’s bedroom. Just check out the adorable room here from The Jungalow; what’s not to love about this happy space? As a bonus, your child might even be eager for bedtime when her room is this inviting!

22) Lots of Toss Pillows


While an overload of toss pillows is a no-no in most decorating styles, feel free to break the rules in your boho sleeping space. Instead, pile your bed high with a colorful collection of throw pillows from around the globe.


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