30 Geodesic Dome Ideas for Greenhouse, Chicken Coops, Escape Pods, etc.

Now, we all know how cool geodesic domes look, but, did you know they are incredibly advantageous as well? Because of the geometrical shapes within the dome, any structural stress is distributed more equally throughout the structure. Therefore, it’s able to hold substantially heavy loads for its size.

There are lots of different materials you can use to construct a geodesic dome. It can be made using wooden planks with stainless steel band locks often known as hub-and-strut domes. Temporary greenhouses are often built using a light one-inch beam structure and covered by plastic sheeting. Some geodesic domes are constructed out of electrical conduit or lightweight aluminum. Concrete and foam domes exist as well, typically using a steel skeleton.

Although geodesic domes look amazing, they have complications and difficulties to them. However, if you are looking to build one for whatever reason, we suggest you start small! Try your luck out with building a lightweight greenhouse as a beginner project! From there you can work your way up to something more extravagant.

1. Wooden

wooden geodesic dome

This geodesic dome uses beautiful geometric patterns made out of wood to create a spherical structure. This type of building stands out from regular buildings however it seems to blend in seamlessly with the nature that surrounds it.

2. Light it Up

Add indoor lighting to a geodesic dome to create a magical and wondrous place to go at night. It looks like a space craft from outer space, or a science observatory for viewing the stars late, late at night. However, this geodesic dome is a greenhouse.

3. DIY

You can build your own geodesic dome with the many tutorials that are on the internet nowadays. It’s not the easiest weekend project, but with some determination and a little bit of patience, you can be sure to get it done!

4. Pool Cover

Although at first glance this geodesic dome looks like another greenhouse, it’s, in fact, a pool cover! That’s right, take a closer look! As you can see there is no floor inside but a small swimming pool or maybe a hot tub! So cool!

5. House

I think I can say without hesitation that this is one of the most unique and interesting housesI have ever seen. The geodesic dome in the middle must look amazing from inside and bring in a ton of beautiful sun rays.

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