30 Geodesic Dome Ideas for Greenhouse, Chicken Coops, Escape Pods, etc.

6. Treehouse

If you can build something like this in your own yard, you should seriously consider it! Your kids will love you for it, you’ll impress the neighbors, and you can escape there in the night to drink a glass of wine and read your magazine in peace!

7. A-Frame

Check out this cool house that combines the charming A-frame design with the modern and unique shape of a geodesic dome. It makes for a very eye-catching building with a lot of potential to be imitated.

8. Pop-Up Garden Igloo

Are you obsessed with spending time outdoors in the garden? You can build yourself a little retreat to enjoy the fresh air and the breath of the surrounding plants. This geodesic dome is cool because it can quickly be taken down for the Winter months and put back up in Spring.

9. Chicken Coop

Spoil your chicken friends and make your garden a little bit more pleasing on the eyes with a unique chicken coop.

10. One with Nature

This dome seems to be one with nature. It almost looks like a giant beehive or birds nest. However, it is in fact, for human use! Imagine going camping here?

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