30 Geodesic Dome Ideas for Greenhouse, Chicken Coops, Escape Pods, etc.

11. Shingles

Check out how stunning this geodesic dome looks all covered in wooden shingles. It seems like a friendly birds nest all made up for humans to enjoy.

12. Withered and Worn

Just another example of how you can modify your dome to have a unique look. This one has the appearance to be withered and worn which gives it a funky look. Using old boards to fill in the triangle shapes is a bright idea.

13. Windows

I love how this house turned out because of the breath-taking windows! Those large geometric windows are a showstopper and very impressive. Geodesic domes can be quite beautiful.

14. The Hive

This structure was inspired by nature and the home of our favorite garden friends; the bees! Equipped with speakers and benches, this is the perfect place to listen to music and sound.

15. Eco Pod

People are using the geodesic domes to design homes, treehouses, greenhouses, and now rental cabins too! This one is a lovely example of how stylish and charming it can be!

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