30 Geodesic Dome Ideas for Greenhouse, Chicken Coops, Escape Pods, etc.

16. Straw

Straw is an excellent insulator and therefore will help the dome stay toasty warm on cold nights. This type of dome could be great for a storage cabin or fun place to camp.

17. Wilderness

A dome to go to when you want to escape from it all and retreat to the wilderness. This lightweight dome hovers far off the chilly ground, away from the wild animals.

18. Peaceful

Imagine the peace and tranquility when laying down in this heavenly dome tent. The spherical shape brings such a lovely sense of calm.

19. Party Domes

How beautiful are these geodesic dome tents for a party, event, or even a wedding! They are stylish, fun, and functional. Plus, they are great at protecting you from the elements! Wind and rain don’t stand a chance against these bubbles!

20. From the Inside Out

You wouldn’t even be able to tell this is a geodesic dome if it wasn’t for the gorgeous windows and the shadows of the frame. The round shape of the house brings a wonderful open flow to the environment and leaves you with high ceilings.

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