9 Brilliant Crafts To Make And Sell!

9. No Sew Market Tote Bag


After my city passed an ordinance that bans plastic bags at grocery stores, I got crafty with my own shopping bags. After making several different kinds, I noticed people kept complimenting this one in particular, and for good reason. Look how cute it is just hanging on the door. Anything that doubles as a cute home decor accessory while still being functional makes me super happy. If you want something easy to make and sell, this craft is perfect. Cheap and doable even for the beginning DIYer, these colorful bags photograph well, are lightweight and easy to ship. You can package them in an envelope and don’t even need to deal with shipping boxes and odd weights, either.

If you love the rustic, farmhouse DIY look, which is a top seller right now, check out our list of country crafts to make and sell. On a tight budget? Forget spending tons of money on craft supplies, it simply is not necessary. No problem, the ideas on the DIY list are inexpensive and many of these cheap crafts to make and sell are dollar store crafts. This is one of my favorite easy craft ideas for gift giving, which makes it a perfect item to sell in your online shop.


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