9 Creative Ideas For Repurposing Baby Cribs!

Setting up the nursery for a new baby is a beautiful way to welcome your child into your home. However, as any parent knows, kids grow so fast that soon you’re left with tons of supplies and furniture that you no longer need.

Once you decide your family is complete, these things end up just taking up space in the garage, especially those large, bulky baby cribs. You can’t use them anymore, but you hate to throw away something that contains such cherished memories. Luckily, some clever parents have found ways to continue using these items by incorporating them into their homes in other ways.

1)  This baby crib was turned into a fun activity station where a child can explore their creative side!

crib1A Little Learning For Two

 2)  A crib’s railings make a perfect rack to hang towels, magazines, or scarves…

crib3A Grace Full Life

3)  …or they can make for a unique way to display your fine china.

crib4My Repurposed Life

4)  If you want some extra seating in your home, attach the two long sides of a baby crib to create a fun corner sectional.

crib5My Repurposed Life

5)  Or, remove one side to make a day bed or lounging couch like this one.

crib6Country Living

6)  Your crib-inspired furniture doesn’t have to take up a lot of space: it can be downsized into a sweet little chair like this one.

crib2Start At Home Decor

7)  You can even move your crib outdoors and create something like this gorgeous bench…

crib7Farm Fresh Vintage Finds

8)  …or a lovely porch swing for your children to enjoy as they grow older.


9)  You can even keep the crib a part of your child’s room long after they outgrow it by turning it into a bunk bed they can sleep in for years to come!

crib9Clever Housewife

These are such great ideas! What a wonderful way to reuse something meaningful and create more space in your home at the same time.

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