Building A Geodesic Dome Home

Hey guys! Well, its been a while since I posted anything here. My move to Florida is pretty much complete and I am loving my new job here in Melbourne FL. I even linked up with Rogers John who I met through Permies and he took me in a tour of his 2 acre developing food forest inside the heart of the city. He had so many bananas that he gave me an armful because he could not eat them all. Very grateful for his invite and advice and I hope we will keep in touch in a semi regular basis.

On other things, I am on the market for some acreage but where I could get 100 acres in North Carolina I can get only 5 here from the least choicest places. Its reasonably land locked so I have to settle for something more modest in size unless I want to commute from central Florida. With that said about buying land, I have been exploring houses which leads me to the title. I am not dead set on this idea as it is just that; an idea I am exploring! 10 minutes from my temporary apartment is American Ingenuity Domes (aka AI Domes) company. I will let their video speak more about their product.

So with some experience as a mechanical/structural engineer I find the design incredibly alluring. Hurricanes here have a rough effect on architecture which is why building codes are particularly rigid. I have the benefit of county officials here strongly invested in supporting its local businesses to have some leniency with the building code. In addition to that, transporting the kits would be no issue as far as expenses because I live here. The insulation value in the walls are at least R28+ on their medium to larger domes which is pretty good! I have read that they have had their domes withstand Hurricane Andrew and Katrina unscathed. I don’t know how reliable their warranty is but they rate their product to withstand 220 mph winds. I have read mostly positive things about their customer service, but there were some semi critical reviews. None however were related to the product quality.

Either way, I am currently arranging the financing which is certainly a challenging task because it will require a construction loan for young pups like myself. Until I get that resolved, I am trying to look into my interior design aspects. Some images that caught my attention but I strongly lean towards open floor plan: 


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