How to Sew A Fabric Rug: Tutorial


Simply tuck the next fabric strip into the one previous and keep wrapping.You will most likely get little bits hanging out – it is no problem at all, they get hidden as you add the next row around the rug.

I began by sewing the ends of the sashing cord together but that meant taking the rug out of the machine each time. The sashing cord had tape on each end to stop fraying, so in the end I just taped them together – woohoo !! Easy !!
As the rug grows it is going to get heavier – a lot heavier ! It will then become harder for your machine to ‘pull’ the rug through. Once the rug became very large, I would sew about 20 cm and then pull the rug around, constantly readjusting it so I was doing the heavy work not the machine.

Tips: if you have a needle up/needle down function on your machine set it at needle up. Once your rug gets large and heavy and you start shoving it around a bit,you are less likely to break a needle if you leave it up.

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