Life Hack: The Best Contact Lens Tip!

When I first got my contact lenses (last month–I know, right?) I read tons of tips and tricks on the internet. My doctor helped me and Karen helped a ton. She was my on-call personal contact lens assistant.

But there was one contact lens tip that I had to find out the hard way. Not because people were keeping it from me, but probably because they never thought to tell me. The one thing nobody thought to mention was that you should never try to put your contact in like this, with the lens on the pad of your finger, on your fingerprint:

Why? Because you’ll constantly hit your eyelashes and cause the lens to fold back.

You’ll spend 20 minutes putting your contacts in every morning.

You’ll drive yourself batty and swear at the mirror every. dang. time.

What you should do, rather, is this:

Put the lens on the very tip of your finger, where there is less chance of anything bumping into your eyelashes.

Seriously. This tip saves me 18 minutes every morning and a whole lot of frustration.


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