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36 Fun DIY Jewelry Crafts and Ideas!

Looking for some out of the ordinary DIY jewelry tutorials so you can make a cool and creative fashion statement? Check out these awesome step by step instructions for homemade jewelry on a budget. Many of the items can easily be found at the dollar store or you may even have them at home right now. From exotic bracelets to modern bangles, …

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45 Easy Crafts for Teens to Make and Sell!

Interested in making money while doing the thing you enjoy the most — DIY’ing? TBH that sounds soooo much fun! It’s one thing to enjoy crafting and another to make money out of it! It’s like hitting 2 birds with one stone! Much more if you know you have so much inside your crafting stash that you know you can …

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9 Brilliant Crafts To Make And Sell!

Are you looking for creative ways to earn extra money this year? Is there a better way to make more money than selling a few simple DIY ideas that you made? When I searched for things I could make and sell online, sell on Etsy and at craft fairs, I made that list. I wanted to share it with you …

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